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Organizing White Men
for Collective Liberation

A national network mobilizing white men to learn, grow and take action against white supremacy and patriarchy.

This fall, OWMCL is mobilizing with Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) to protect abortion, build our power, and grow our movement!

The stakes are high: as part of a state-by-state national agenda, right-wing leaders are pushing a constitutional amendment which would allow for a permanent ban on abortion in Kentucky with no exceptions.

November 8th, Kentuckians have the potential to do what Kansas voters did this summer: reject an aggressive anti-abortion ballot measure and secure an important win for reproductive freedom. NO on Kentucky Amendment 2 is the next fight on the battleground of the authoritarian right’s coordinated attack for control of our lives, and OWMCL is excited to join SURJ and the Protect Kentucky Access coalition to fight and win! We need you in this fight! 

Reproductive justice is racial and economic justice: we know that this amendment would disproportionately impact and criminalize folks already struggling to get by. And in truth, all our lives are at stake, as SURJ Strategic Campaigns Director Sarah Stockholm shares in this short and powerful call to action video:

I just took action with @owmcliberation: White Men: Join OWMCL. Take action here:

There’s no civilian control of law enforcement. If a community’s tax dollars are used to fund law enforcement body cams but the community can’t access the video... what is that? It’s not a public service.

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