Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation


Trump is suing to keep this ad off the air. This ad. The one posted here. The one that played actual audio of Trump saying coronavirus was a “hoax”. This ad from @prioritiesUSA right here.

Exciting news from @showingupforraclajustice-- they are endorsing @BernieSanders for president! White people: sign up via the link in their bio to help organize other white people to show up for racial justice at the polls in 2020 and beyond. #SURJforBernie

I am a Caregiver for my 89 yr-old grandmother who has diabetes. She is my world, my life! I am taking all precautions & trying to be very vigilant in every decision I make. I hope u are too! I would be devastated if anything happened to her-Her life matters!#HighRiskCovid19

I'm a 65 year old retired nurse with coronary artery disease, a history of cancer and high blood pressure. I am also a father of two. My life matters.

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My name is Imani Barbarin, I have cerebral palsy, diabetes and sleep apnea. All of these things affect my breathing in their own way.

I have increased risk factors. If I get this virus, it’s life and death.


I’m an asthmatic
#Fibromyalgia & #cancer patient.

My life counts as much as anyone’s. Think of people who recovered from cancer, who have illnesses you can’t see.

We matter.

Beyond how much profit we generate, we matter too.


Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson have tested positive for COVID.

Getting tested is rich white privilege.

Getting medical care is rich white privilege.

Getting global press is rich white privilege.

Most folks aren’t afforded the privilege of the test.

I wish them a speedy recovery.

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