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The good thing about this, if one can frame this as good in any way, is that it happened in the one state that has gotten rid of qualified immunity. Here's the law:

We need to work to enact similar laws in other states.

#PoliceReformNow #DefundThePolice

Joshua Rodriguez@Joshuajered

Aurora PD handcuff and held family at gunpoint.

Oh, are we talking about George Floyd again?

He was on drugs, and died with weed, Meth, and fentanyl in his system - FACT.

And he *still* didn’t deserve to die with that officer’s knee on his neck.

EVERYONE came to that conclusion the first time around.

Here's a statement. Offended by #TakeAKnee? How about both teams completely leaving the field of play during the #NationalAnthem?

Pro sports' devotion to the status quo is gettin' shook up. Bless these pioneers of social justice in sports.

#WNBA #BreonnaTaylor #SayHerName

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