Organizing White Men
for Collective Liberation

A national network mobilizing white men to learn, grow and take action against white supremacy and patriarchy.

There’s no civilian control of law enforcement. If a community’s tax dollars are used to fund law enforcement body cams but the community can’t access the video... what is that? It’s not a public service.

THREAD: The Atlanta shooter is one more example of the direct correlation between white supremacists and male supremacists. These populations feed into and recruit each other's members. You can not be one without being the other.

A white man has just assassinated eight Asians in Atlanta.

Instead of sending thoughts and prayers, white people need to dismantle the toxic whiteness that is killing us.

Whiteness is terrorism.

Dear @Hyatt

Are you okay with Nazi symbols being used on your properties?

Because if you fail to speak out & do something about this immediately, I’ll be sure to no longer patronize any of your properties ever again.

#CPAC2021 #CPACstage #CPACNazi

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