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Collective Accountability

We are a national network mobilizing white men to learn, grow and take action against white supremacy and patriarchy.

We are seeking to build strategic long-term organizational partnerships through shared campaign design, fundraising, implementation and evaluation. Organizational relationships are in turn based on individual relationships within our interpersonal settings.

We approach all of these working relationships as the bedrock upon which we can build trust and find collective accountability, through a culture of dedication to critical reflection, humility, and curiosity that enables group safety, and imagination.

It is intrinsic to our understanding of justice that we center people who find themselves in the margins of the margins – not only in our work, but also how we engage in community. These are the communities and individuals who are most impacted by the various systems of oppression; gender, race, class, ability, and more, and especially folks who find themselves at the intersections of multiple oppressions.

Nurturing and cultivating real world relationships by definition requires reciprocity. This is the free giving and receiving that we experience with people we share time, space and care with. We must collectively approach accountability with this same spirit.