Get Involved

Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation is made up of national operating working groups, men’s feminist groups, OWMCL local groups, Showing Up for Racial Justice chapters and affiliates, and individuals working with multi-racial and multi-gender organizing spaces led by Black, Indigenous and other People of Color, women, trans, and nonbinary folks. There are so many different ways to get involved in this work, so feel out what is best for you!

Our Get Connected button will lead you to a Google Form that will help us get to know how you would like to plug into the Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation network locally or nationally. For more information about the different working groups, check out the descriptions of our working groups just below the buttons.

Internal Liberation

The work of Internal Liberation is to clearly see and deeply feel our lived experiences as white men. We believe that this work can free us to engage honestly, and thus effectively, with patriarchy and white supremacy. These systems often show up within us as numbness, shame, and loneliness, and outside us as anger, fear, and violence. Generations of folks impacted by that violence have been calling on us to support each other in reducing this harm, and we are committed to doing this work together. And there can be a deafening silence among us when it comes to the more intimate details of our lives. We use embodiment exercises and discussion to feel into those un-felt territories and break our long-held silences. This work can seem very quiet, but our experience it deeply transforms us. We engage in this work through monthly online video conference call workshops on the third Monday of each month. Our next gathering is on Monday, March 23rd at 8:30 PM EST. Register for this gathering at our Zoom link!

Basebuilding & Outreach

Increasing the capacity, scope and reach of this network and bringing more white men into this network, but most importantly bringing more men into the broader movement for racial and gender justice, by supporting People of Color led organizations, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) local chapters, and other feminist organizations. Not only do we want to bring more white men into the network, but we want to personally invest in each person who joins and build relationships that will form a community based on liberation. This work includes both personal outreach and online organizing through social media, content creation and distribution, political education, email campaigns, and press communications. Base Building is also responsible for developing and coordinating local OWMCL organizing strategy and infrastructure.


The logistical and facilitation body that keeps all the parts moving together in a coherent fashion. Responsible for the development of a lasting, resilient and sustainable network structure. It connects all the working groups because none of the work is isolated. Broader structural and ideological questions that affect the whole network are decided here. It is more administrative and makes sure the basic operations of the network happen. Coordinates and communicates with the “outside world” representing the network as a whole.