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Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation is made up of national operating working groups, men’s feminist groups, OWMCL local groups, Showing Up for Racial Justice chapters and affiliates, and individuals working with multi-racial and multi-gender organizing spaces led by Black, Indigenous and other People of Color, women, trans, and nonbinary folks. There are so many different ways to get involved in this work, so feel out what is best for you!

Our Get Connected button will lead you to a Google Form that will help us get to know how you would like to plug into the Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation network locally or nationally. For more information about the different working groups, check out the descriptions of our working groups just below the buttons.

Internal Liberation

Internal Liberation’s work is to explore our white and male conditioning impact. Our conditioning is not our fault; only by examining it can we honestly and effectively challenge the patriarchy and white supremacy within. These systems often show up internally as numbness, shame, and loneliness and externally as anger, fear, and violence. Generations of folks impacted by that violence have been calling on us to support each other in reducing this harm, and we are committed to doing this work together. We use embodiment exercises and share stories to feel into those un-felt territories and break our long-held silences. We engage in this work through online video conference call workshops on the fourth Monday of every month at 8:30 PM EST. Our next gathering is Monday, October 26th register with this link.

Basebuilding & Outreach

Increasing the capacity, scope and reach of this network and bringing more white men into this network, but most importantly bringing more men into the broader movement for racial and gender justice, by supporting People of Color led organizations, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) local chapters, and other feminist organizations. Not only do we want to bring more white men into the network, but we want to personally invest in each person who joins and build relationships that will form a community based on liberation. This work includes both personal outreach and online organizing through social media, content creation and distribution, political education, email campaigns, and press communications. Base Building is also responsible for developing and coordinating local OWMCL organizing strategy and infrastructure.

Racial & Gender Justice in Sports

White supremacy, toxic masculinity, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and all other forms of oppression permeate and define the world of sports. Sports are sites where many white men are conditioned to reproduce patriarchy and white supremacy. To address that problem, OWMCL has a program that promotes and advocates for racial and gender justice in sports. This project is a forum to have honest conversations about these dynamics and to create different ways to make sports into a safe, empowering, and just space for all and that the power of sport can help break down systems of oppression. It is also an important strategy for outreach because most white men come into contact with sports one way or another.

Policy Advocacy

State and federal policies are pillars that uphold, reinforce, and strengthen the white supremacist, patriarchy. To combat white supremacy and patriarchy, we must coordinate advocacy efforts to advance policy initiatives that promote gender and racial justice. OWMCL has a policy advocacy committee to empower us, as a collective, to address these issues, and to develop our collective and individual confidence and comfort to engage in policy advocacy. Policies that undermine gender and racial justice are enacted on a regular basis, so we must effectively mobilize for gender and racial justice at a policy level.

Youth Programming

While OWMCL works with white men who have been socialized into white supremacist patriarchy since childhood, it’s important we also support children and teenagers in understanding systems of oppression and liberatory alternatives. White supremacy and patriarchy shape children’s developmental experience from a very young age, so our work towards collective liberation must also begin during these formative years. OWMCL’s Youth Programming aims to help children and teenagers unlearn and confront white supremacy, patriarchy, and other oppressions. We also provide adults, who work with young people, the tools to engage with young people on these issues. Initially, we are sharing useful resources. Over time we hope to expand to create additional programs and materials.