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A national network mobilizing white men to learn, grow and take action against white supremacy and patriarchy.


  • We will strengthen movements for liberation already being built by folks on the frontlines fighting white male supremacy. We will be accountable to this work by responding to feedback, suggestions, and the guidance of these organizations and individuals.
  • Here is how we are thinking of accountability and partnering.

  • We understand oppression operates at a systemic and personal level. We’ve internalized our positions of power and must unlearn our conditioning to stop perpetuating oppression in our actions and relationships.
  • The world conditions us to regard our lives, experiences, and perspectives as the norm, and more meaningful and legitimate than those of people who are Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, women, and non-binary folks. It is through continual practice, learning, and loving accountability that we will break from our legacy of violence and become effective accomplices in dismantling patriarchy and white supremacy.
  • We also benefit personally. Patriarchal masculinity discourages vulnerability, intimacy, and empathy. White male supremacy culture harms us by disconnecting us from ourselves and one another. It is only by challenging this idea of masculinity that we may realize a culture based on solidarity, justice, self-actualization and liberation.
  • We will educate other white men about the importance of consent, communication, and challenging gendered roles and distributions of labor in the home and private life, as well as the public sphere.

  • White men have been taught to participate in rape culture and we must work to end it.
  • We also know the many boys and men are also survivors of sexual violence and rape. This is one of the many ways patriarchy hurts boys and men. There are people who are survivors who were involved in the establishment of this network and in the ongoing work of the network.
  • We also know many men can be both survivors and people who have caused harm.
  • We envision a world in which people who cause harm are held accountable in ways based on transformative justice, rather than further punishment.
  • We must organize more white men against white supremacy and patriarchy and create opportunities to deepen their/our understanding of oppression and commitment to end it.
  • We will hold ourselves and each other accountable to our politics, our words, our actions, and our behavior. Engaging with this work is an invitation to receive positive and constructive feedback from others, and an agreement not to shy away from giving the same.
  • While we want to increase the capacity and scope of this network, our goal is for increasing numbers of white men to effectively participate in multi-racial and multi-gender feminist and anti-racist organizing. 
  • Where there are few to none existing opportunities or structures for feminist and anti-racist organizing, such as in rural areas, we seek to connect white men to this national network to provide them resources to support them to organize in their communities and support them from a distance.
  • Too often, women, trans and/or non-binary folks are burdened with the emotional and administrative labor of community organizing, while the men do the outward-facing and recognized work. We need to be better organizers. We need to make sure we take on an equal or greater amount of the administrative and emotional labor of organizing.
  • We also need to be vocal and proactive in addressing and challenging misogyny, sexism, and intimate partner violence within social justice organizing spaces.
  • As white men, we have the most security from interpersonal and organized racist and misogynist violence. That security puts the responsibility on us to take direct action and risk in defending communities targeted by this violence. This also means putting our bodies and own safety on the line if need be. 
  • Patriarchal masculinity socially and emotionally isolates white men. Organizing spaces, such as “Incel”, the “manosphere”, right-wing militias and militant groups, and fascist organizations create a false sense of community and comradery. Not only must we take direct action against these spaces, we must provide liberatory alternatives. We must show these men they can enjoy support and community without hating Black, Indigenous, People of Color, women, trans and non-binary folks.
  • The capitalist system requires white supremacy and patriarchy to maintain power. The state exists to uphold the capitalist system and secure corporate power. The police have the monopoly on force and violence to protect corporate interests as the fist of the state. Modern day police forces originated from slave patrols and militias created to control Black people and Native Americans. Prisons are modern-day slave plantations, where Black people, Indigenous people and other people of color are funnelled into the prison system and incarcerated folks are used as a source of exploited labor for the state and corporations. This also drives down the wages of non-incarcerated workers.
  • Our platform is firmly abolitionist – meaning we believe in the abolition of the carceral state, which includes the policing and prison systems and the other institutions of the prison industrial complex. The carceral state also extends to programs that operate in low-income, communities of color and the ways in which these programs impose various forms of supervision and surveillance that funnel people into the prison system.
  • Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color, women, trans and nonbinary folks are the target of state and corporate violence, and white men’s elevated security necessitates we/they take direct action against that violence.
  • Modern day constructions of race and white supremacy begins with the colonization of the Western Hemisphere and the development of global capitalism and the trans-Atlantic enslavement of Africans. The wealth and hegemony of the US, Canada and European countries are built upon capitalist exploitation that was made possible through colonization and slavery.
  • We see decolonization as the revitalization and resurgence of Indigenous self-determination in every sense of the word including at a political, economic, territorial, social, cultural and spiritual level. It means the end of the settler-colonial domination of life, lands, cultures, and peoples of the Western Hemisphere. All decisions regarding human interaction and relationship with the land, including who lives on it, are justly those of Indigenous people.
  • The violence that the USA, Canada, other imperialist states, and multinational corporations cause around the world lands most heavily on women, trans, non-binary, children and adults in the Global South. This especially affects Indigenous, Black, People of Color, disabled, queer, and gender nonbinary people often facing multiple oppressions. White supremacist, patriarchal, imperialist state violence is global and not restricted by imposed colonial borders. This white supremacist patriarchal violence on a world scale is demonstrated by the global rise of the fascist right, violence at imposed colonial borders, and violence inflicted through structural adjustment programs of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.
  • For white men in imperialist states, the response to this global violence is global solidarity, especially with mass movements in the Global South. This means we stand in a firm and unequivocal solidarity with the people of Palestine and their struggle for liberation.
  • The toxic interaction of patriarchy, capitalism, white supremacy and colonization creates the same conditions for violence against the Earth as it does for violence against women, trans, and non-binary folks. The structural mentality that values violence against the Earth is inherently intertwined with violence against women, trans, and non-binary folks.
  • As bell hooks stated, “The safety and continuation of life on the planet require the feminist conversion of men.”